Our company makes furniture for HoReCa since 2007. Over 9 years of operation, was done a number of different projects - from economy class to exclusive furniture Luxury class. Each project – is the work only "by order". Therefore, the customers receive at the output the furniture that best meet their requirements in ergonomics, functionality and design.


Since 2010 we produce upholstered furniture. The first sofas and armchairs were made mainly for hotels. Over time, we began to make sofas for lounge bar, restaurants, nightclubs, and for living quarters – apartments, houses.


Because each order is treated as a separate project we can produce the furniture for non-standard facilities. If needed, we can furnish apartment by furniture "turnkey". We take over all the issues - not only the manufacturing, but also the delivery / installing furniture directly on the object itself.


Since 2014 we start to work with private clients. Our staff has extensive experience in realizing design projects. Repeatedly we develop furniture "on the picture" according to the 3-D visualizations of the interior designers. For private customers we often give full set of furniture for entire apartment or house. Qualifications of staff, and the availability of a good industrial base, allow to achieve the desired result in the implementation of projects of any complexity.


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Working people on our production

Our manufactory has all the necessary equipment for the implementation of complex orders. Reliable machines from European manufacturers are time-tested, they allow you to get high-quality products at the output. Employees of the company have sufficient qualification for performing works of any complexity. As our production facility is tailored for individual orders, our customers can be confident that they will receive a truly exclusive solution that fully meets their practical needs and design requirements.

We understand how important it is that the restaurant or hotel has furniture that matches the style and level of this place. Similarly, for a private customer to receive furniture that fully reflects his personality. Turning to us, customers receive a guaranteed high-quality result.

Our carpentry shop allows us to make furniture from solid wood. In addition to woodworking, Woodstock's production facilities include next lines:

  • Metal welding shop
  • Professional paint booth
  • Cutting and edging workshop
  • Laser edging workshop
Milling machine in our manufactory

We successfully cooperate with design studios, architects and regional representatives. Our company has the experience of successfully executing orders remotely, but if necessary, our installers travel to an object in any city of Ukraine.

We work on the territory of all Ukraine, as well as for the EU countries.

If you want to become our dealer, please write us: info@woodstock.org.ua

Also, you can send your contacts to the instant messengers listed below. We are always open to dialogue.

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We can offer large choice of kitchen countertops, depending on estimated budget:

  • Arpa (Chipboard)
  • Triston (synthetic stone)
  • Samsung (synthetic stone)
  • Quartzite
  • Granite
  • Tree (Oak, ash, beech etc)


We work with various fillings manufacturers. We use most reliable sliding systems for closets and lifting systems for kitchen.

Reliability and durability of our furniture are basic principles of our work. We able to manufacture durable furniture with the help of guides and loops from Blum, Hettich, Hafele.


Wide range of possible facade materials allow us to get almost any visual effect. Thanks to it we do our products in the exact match with designer’s concept. For facades we use:

  • MDF colored (different paint types)
  • Chipboard Cleaf
  • Chipboard Kaindl
  • Solid oak, ash (also toned)
  • veneer
  • HPL panels
  • Glass



Price always calculated individually, because it depends on many factors:

  1. Materials
  2. Fillings type
  3. Constructive features

By that reason every projects calculated separately.


Firstly we offer to make pre calculation of cost based on design project given(if you got one). After that being done our specialists will go to your object, make all measurements needed. After we do so and agree on materials we give you final cost and sign a contract.


Our technician will develop constructive solution to get a result with all features and dimensions of your apartment. Non-standard solutions is our specialty.

Large experience in non-standart furniture manufacturing allow us find a solution in the hardest situations. While working on the project we always try to achieve maximum furniture functionality, saving effective area. Flush mounting guides allow to make drawers look more aesthetically looking. And lifting systems Aventos allow you to get easy access to high shelves. Understanding every furniture type features, we manufacture comfortable and practical furniture.

We don’t do usual conveyor furniture. Ukrainian furniture market is oversaturated by manufacturers who produce serial furniture today. In this situation we give our vote to individual work. Individual work allow to deliver expected result and manufacture furniture suitable for any dimensions and layouts. Individually made furniture perfectly display customer’s personality, and at the same time meeting all his requirements for functionality featured.

Our company cooperate with interior designers and architectors. We can offer optimal development conditions for your design project. All we need to pre calculate cost is:

  1. Wall sweeps / drawings
  2. Materials specification
  3. Visualizations package (to understand the visual effect needed to achieve)
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