Our company makes furniture for HoReCa since 2007. Over 9 years of operation, was done a number of different projects - from economy class to exclusive furniture Luxury class. Each project – is the work only "by order". Therefore, the customers receive at the output the furniture that best meet their requirements in ergonomics, functionality and design.


Since 2010 we produce upholstered furniture. The first sofas and armchairs were made mainly for hotels. Over time, we began to make sofas for lounge bar, restaurants, nightclubs, and for living quarters – apartments, houses.


Because each order is treated as a separate project we can produce the furniture for non-standard facilities. If needed, we can furnish apartment by furniture "turnkey". We take over all the issues - not only the manufacturing, but also the delivery / installing furniture directly on the object itself.


Since 2014 we start to work with private clients. Our staff has extensive experience in realizing design projects. Repeatedly we develop furniture "on the picture" according to the 3-D visualizations of the interior designers. For private customers we often give full set of furniture for entire apartment or house. Qualifications of staff, and the availability of a good industrial base, allow to achieve the desired result in the implementation of projects of any complexity.


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Working people on our production

Our manufactory has all the necessary equipment for the implementation of complex orders. Reliable machines from European manufacturers are time-tested, they allow you to get high-quality products at the output. Employees of the company have sufficient qualification for performing works of any complexity. As our production facility is tailored for individual orders, our customers can be confident that they will receive a truly exclusive solution that fully meets their practical needs and design requirements.

We understand how important it is that the restaurant or hotel has furniture that matches the style and level of this place. Similarly, for a private customer to receive furniture that fully reflects his personality. Turning to us, customers receive a guaranteed high-quality result.

Our carpentry shop allows us to make furniture from solid wood. In addition to woodworking, Woodstock's production facilities include next lines:

  • Metal welding shop
  • Professional paint booth
  • Cutting and edging workshop
  • Laser edging workshop
Milling machine in our manufactory

We successfully cooperate with design studios, architects and regional representatives. Our company has the experience of successfully executing orders remotely, but if necessary, our installers travel to an object in any city of Ukraine.

We work on the territory of all Ukraine, as well as for the EU countries.

If you want to become our dealer, please write us: info@woodstock.org.ua

Also, you can send your contacts to the instant messengers listed below. We are always open to dialogue.

About us



We know that the apartment fund of a hotel must be staffed with all furniture types needed. Standard class apartments must have beds, nightstand, armchairs and coffee tables. But Lux usually provides work room. Kitchen set often seen in “Apartments”. Manufacturing wide specter of solutions, we complete different categories hotel rooms. Our manufacture volume allow us to completely close room fund needs of the hotel in needed positions.

Products, made for hotel business must have good enough endurance and durability. That’s why we use only proven materials. We made such positions for hotel living rooms:

  1. Beds
  2. Nightstands
  3. Drawers chests
  4. Coffee tables
  5. Wardrobes
  6. Kitchen furniture

We also can manufacture wall panels.



Besides to room furniture we manufacture also retail/technological furniture. Hotel reception desk usually is a large dimension construct. Our company can offer full reception desk's manufacture. Our work consists of 3 technological stages:

  1. Constructive part development
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Deliver and installation inplace

Before start manufacture we need to make measurements inplace.

Our company uses large specter of materials for manufacture. Depending on desired result it can be:

  1. Wood (solid wood or veneer)
  2. Chipboard (Kaindl, Egger)
  3. Plywood
  4. Synthetical stone (acrylic)
  5. Natural stone (quartz, granite)

We always offer customer several ways of realization for his object.




Almost every large hotel has conference room. More than that, conference room availability is one of criteria to achieve stars for the hotel. Arrangement of this object allow hotel to service forums, business meets and different conference. Understanding the importance of conference room for every hotel we started such type furniture manufacture. In this direсtion we manufacture:

  • Non standart dimension tables
  • Racks and cabinets for documents
  • Tribunes for speaker

To manufacture conference rooms solutions we mostly use such materials:

  • Chipboard Cleaf (Kaindl, Egger)
  • Plywood, colored MDF
  • Oak block / ash

We will consider alternative options if specifications has different materials.


In the beginning we agree on positions list, needed for room fund equipment. Additionally we will analyze your design project, suggest and help to choose materials to use during the project work.

After cost pre calculation we need to agree on all separate parts of the order.

At this stage our main goal is to choose materials, which would allow us get result identical to the project. If materials are already listed in the specification of the project we start cost pre calculation.

When order is finally done and we know the work volume we make an accurate cost calculation, discuss estimation and sign a contract.

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